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by Renee Robbins on November 2, 2009

video callSometimes the best way to meet an educational need is by hosting a webinar.  However, many times what we call a “webinar” is simply a teleconference in disguise – a seemingly endless slide show with a “verbal vomit” voice over.  Since this isn’t engaging for the learner, they often start to “multitask” and the intention of the lesson is lost.  I’ve found a great tool that will allow you to engage your learners with audio and video and keep your money in your pocket!

Dimdim has a webinar platform provides you with the ability to host live, interactive presentations that can feature slides, documents, web pages, and built in whiteboard functionality.   In addition to the content presentation capabilities, Dimdim also lets users host private and public chat, record their meeting, make annotations on the content and share presenter controls with the click of the mouse.  The best part?  Dimdim is FREE for up to 20 learners – forever! 

As I said in Top 10 Ways Social Media Will Impact Employee Development and Training in 2010 video is going to be incredibly important this year in your fight to engage your learners.  That’s where Dimdim’s webinar platform shines.  During the presentation learners can also see the presenter through Dimdim’s webcam options.  In the “Pro” versions of Dimdim all learners can “attend” the webinar via webcam and see their instructor as well as each other. 

If you have used Webex before, you can compare Dimdim to that.  However, Dimdim has a few perks that Webex doesn’t.  One thing that Dimdim has on Webex is the pure ease of attending the webinar.  I know when I have used Webex for webinars in the past, a good portion of my time is used troubleshooting the technology.  Not so with Dimdim.  Since Dimdim’s webinar platform is run online, there is no software to download and install.  Users can hop on and just attend!  WHAT A CONCEPT!?!  Dimdim’s webinars are so easy that you might find yourself using it for ad hoc training as well – especially because it is free when you have less than 20 attendees. 

Hope this product review helps you to enhanance your use of webinars.  Visit Dimdim and check it out for yourself and for a limited time you can get a free trial of their Pro edition.  Click on the link below for more information.



P.S. Need an Online Presentation Tool for a large audience? Try Dimdim Webinar, it’s easy and affordable. Free 30 day trial!

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Yi_Webinar November 3, 2009 at 8:52 am

Hi Renee,

Have you checked out Mikogo? It’s a free desktop sharing app which allows you to share any of your screen contents and applications live over the Web with up to 10 others. It also includes many features to engage the participants, such as switch presenter, participant pointer and remote keyboard/mouse control. Drop by for more info or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Hsiang-Yi Cheng
The Mikogo Team
Twitter: @Mikogo

Renee Robbins November 3, 2009 at 9:56 pm

Yi, thanks for your response! I haven’t heard of Mikogo so I will follow up on your link. One of the reasons I am a fan of Dimdim is their incorporation of video. I believe the incorporation of “eye to eye” contact with the instructor (as well as other classmates) through their web camera functionality helps to engage the learner in the lesson. I believe they also feature some of the items you pointed out, but it’s all about being comfortable with the platform you choose. It’s good there are a few options out there to choose from.

Kelsey C January 28, 2010 at 5:40 pm

We do all of our training using web conferencing. Our company opted for RHUB Web Conferencing because there is not monthly fee. So far it has allowed us to save a lot of money because we are avoiding travel costs.

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