How To Turn YouTube Into YouLearn

by Renee Robbins on May 11, 2010

YouTube is a fantastic platform you can use to showcase your training videos.  It’s fast, easy, and you can’t argue with the price (free).   You may be wondering how you can go about making your own videos.  Although the process of making a YouTube video may seem like a complicated one, it isn’t necessarily.  Even those with a low amount of computer knowledge are able to successfully make their own videos and share them on YouTube to increase their view-ability.

The first step in making a YouTube video is to get a video recording device.  Video recording devices come in a number of different formats.  For instance, it is possible to use cell phones, webcams, or traditional camcorders.  If you are interested in using your cell phone to help you make a YouTube video, you will need to make sure that your cell phone has video recording capabilities.  You will find that most new, modern cell phones do.  For the best quality videos, you want to use traditional camcorders, particularly digital ones, but webcams are also nice low-cost alternatives.

Once you have a video recording device in your possession, you can start to make your own videos.  These videos can be a welcome for an upcoming training course, a suppliment for a reinformcement email you are sending out, or just about anything else you can imagine.  When making a YouTube video, it is important to remember that YouTube doesn’t limit the number of videos you can submit, but all videos must be ten minutes or less, if you have a traditional YouTube membership account.  Therefore, if you want to have videos be longer than ten minutes, you either need to upgrade your account or make your videos in different segments.

Although there are a number of steps you can take during the taping process to ensure that your YouTube videos are quality ones, there is a way that you can fix problems later on. You can do this with movie editing software.  For example I use Adobe Premiere Elements 8 which I find to be very user-friendly.  It comes complete with templates to use and easy to add features that make your video look polished and professional.    The decision as to whether or not you want to edit your videos, before sharing them on YouTube, is yours to make, but it is advised that you at least look into doing so, especially if your computer already has a movie editing program.  You will want to watch your movies and see if there is anything that you would like to edit, change, or remove. Editing your YouTube videos or at least previewing them first is likely to improve their quality, which, in turn, will help to improve the exposure that your YouTube videos get. 

To upload your video you will have to create a YouTube account.  Once you have your account begin the upload process by clicking one of the many “Upload” links (they appear everywhere!).  YouTube gives you a choice between uploading a file or recording from a webcam.  If you followed the steps above and taped your video before hand then simply upload the video you have on file.  I prefer this way because I have experienced better video quality results when I’m able to go back and edit.  However, if you are running short on time then just click the “record from webcam” link and be on your way. 

When you upload your video to YouTube you will have a number of choices to make.  One of the most important is the privacy setting.  Since most YouTube videos are open to the world you will want to refrain from sharing any proprietary company information.  Or, if you are uncomfortable with making your video accessible by the masses you can choose to share tit will up to 25 people.  YouTube gives you the option of either creating a link that only 25 people can use or specifying the 25 people by their YouTube usernames.  Honestly unless your training welcome or reminder to include the coversheet on your TPS reports is a company secret then you run little to no risk of your video going viral. If you choose to open your video up, then you can always purposefully not mention the name of your company if you are the least bit concerned about the risk. 

There are plenty of companies that have their training videos on YouTube, for example check out this one on employee retention for UPS.  The presence of these videos make it so much easier for the company’s employees to access them on-demand.  The secret of training in this new era is accessibility.  YouTube provides that accessibility at “low-to-no” cost and it’s easy.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this platform to juice up your training!



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