5 Reasons You Should Have A Video Blog

by Renee Robbins on May 13, 2010

Hosting your own video blog has a lot of advantages over a traditional blog.  Video blogs, or vlogs (mostly pronounced vee-logs), have been around for quite sometime.  The earliest video blog can be traced back to Adam Kontras in 2000.  You may be familiar with that name because Adam later went on to host a segment on The Early Show.  His video blog highlighted his move to Los Angeles and attempt to break into show business.   While a video blog worked out great for Adam, how do we know it will work out for you?  Check out these five reasons…

  1. Formalize Informal Learning – The learning community has been asking for so long, “how do we formalize informal learning?”  Well, here’s a great starting point.  A video blog provides you with an on-demand, central location for hosting bite sized educational segments that can be 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or longer.  Once you get started you can use these videos to solicit feedback from your learners.  Ask them to share their thoughts on the information in the video in a comment section.  Before long you will have a living, thriving educational community.   
  2. Visual and Audio-  With the seemingly endless stream of emails, documents, and other text based updates it is more than likely that your learners have text overload.  Providing them with a new way to gather information will re-stimulate them and get them interested in seeing what the video blog is all about. 
  3. Easy- With the developments in video production and online streaming constructing your own video blog is a snap.  You can choose to either only post videos or you can post videos with supporting text. These videos can be added to a current traditional blog, you can start a a video only blog with platforms like Wordpress or Blogger, or you can use YouTube. 
  4. Fast- A video blog is something you can do quickly so it is perfect way for you to deliver training when your learners need it.   For example if your company is involved in sales a video blog is a great way to share breaking news from a conference about your product, your competitor’s product, or the market in general.  Simply grab your cell phone, camera with video, or web cam and get to it. You could alert your entire sales force to the new information before your competitor even has a chance to get back to their hotel!
  5. Provides a Personal Touch – As we all know talking is a bit different than writing.  Thoughts tend to loose something when you can’t see the person’s facial features and passion for the topic.  This is where I think a video blog truly trumps a traditional blog and where it will make the most difference to your learners.  Use a video blog to let your learners see you and your passion for the subject at hand.  Stare them in the face as you explain the importance of the new Code of Conduct.  Let them see the fire in your eyes as you explain the new product and how it will revolutionize your industry. 

Video blogs are a fantastic way to educate your audience without them even knowing.  You can make your videos fun and exciting by putting some additional effort into them and mocking them up as an interview, commercial, or even an SNL sketch. Yes, whipping out your computer and pounding out an email might be faster, but is it as effective?


P.S. Still wondering if a video blog really works?  Check out this Bloomberg Businessweek video about Gary Vaynerchuk.  He’s a social media guru (not self-proclaimed) and has changed the world of wine with his Wine Library video blog series.  You’ll be shocked to see how his video blog comes together. His video efforts to educate his audience on the different wines his family’s store sells have turned his small family business into a multi-million dollar empire.  If he can do that with wine, imagine what you can do with information that directly pertains to the daily work of your employees.

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berry June 10, 2010 at 6:15 am

Video blog is good option for us .it’s have lots of advantage in compare to simple blog. By using video blog option we can easily understand different things. It is very easy to use.

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