How to Plan the Ultimate Guest Blogger Experience

by Renee Robbins on June 29, 2010

As  summmer  comes into full swing some have started to wonder, “now that I have this blog, what do I do with it when I go on vacation?”  While many blogging platforms offer an option for you to publish your post at a future date, owners of a successful blog that has a large following may want to use this opportunity to have guest bloggers. This gives your audience a little bit of a change up, provides you with some extra time, and keeps the content coming.

Finding a Guest Blogger

There are a number of locations where a blog owner can advertise for guest bloggers. The first option to shoot for is to ask somebody else in your department.  Who else is familiar with the blog topic?   If that doesn’t work, try extending an invitation to readers of your blog.  Many readers are incredibly knowledgeable about the subject and obviously have the passion.  Look back through past posts and see if there is anyone that has left a comment that you find interesting.  Contact them directly and ask them if they would be willing to write a post about their comment.  Finally, check in with your personal learning network.  Who have you met at conferences or trade shows that would be a great stand in?  Selecting a guest blogger should be done carefully to ensure the guest blogger is reliable and capable of producing articulate, informative and interesting blog posts.  You should ask the guest blogger if they have ever written blog posts before and if so could they send you the links.

Directions for your Guest Blogger

 It is important to be clear about your expectations with guest bloggers.  Usually once you start your blog and people begin to read it, it will be easier for people to understand what you are looking for and they can feel comfortable following your lead.  However you want to make sure to give your guest blogger a minimum and maximum word count to make sure they provide the right amount of content.  Also, make sure to agree upon the number of blog posts that the guest blogger will write and if necessary the topic for each of these posts.  Finally, if there are any rules you have for your blog regarding language or context it is your responsibility to outline them in detail.  Remember, your audience is used to your writing style.  One or two bad posts from a guest blogger can turn away your readers. 

When Guest Blogging Really Helps

Featuring a guest blogger isn’t only for times where you are going to be away.  Guest bloggers can also be good when your department is starting a new blog on a different topic.  By allowing the guest blogger to post an article on your site they have the ability to attract some of your readers.  From an educational prospective, this is a great way to introduce product B to a group that is usually focused on product A, especially if you see that down the road this group will eventually be working on product B.  Being able to slide in at the beginning will make the transition more comfortable later.

While blogs can truly become an extension of yourself, don’t forget that another voice from time to time can be enjoyable to your audience.  If you’re really feeling gutsy, invite two guest bloggers to discuss different sides of the same topic.  Not only will this get your readers thinking, but it will also give you some great content to discuss on your next post.


P.S. Here’s a great gift idea for your guest blogger.  Give them Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers!  It’s almost 300 pages of interviews where ground-breaking bloggers share their tips and tricks.  You might even want to pick up an extra copy for yourself!

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Jessy Troy June 30, 2010 at 12:15 pm

As far as guest blogging is concerned, here’s a great site I’ve had much luck with: That’s a community of guest bloggers. You can find plenty of great blogs there accepting guest posts as well as authors willing to guest post.

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